Thursday, July 31, 2008

My summer vacation

What's up my human friends? It's been a long while since my last posting.. what can I say? I've been chillaxing all summer long and occasionally getting into bits of trouble. But mostly, I've just been napping and finding new and exciting places to nap! My humans have been busy.. working.. going on vacation.. without me, of course!

My summer vacation:

This is me, chillaxing in the hallway. I thought I would pretend to be like my humans and sit like they do. They thought that this was quite funny.

Here I am trying out a new napping spot.. a shoebox. It didn't work out, and I abandoned that plan quite quickly.

Here one of my humans is lecturing me for getting into the cat nip before noon. He says that the use of substances before noon indicates dependency or abuse. I say, it's summertime baby! It's after 10 am somewhere in the world!

Here's what I think about his opinion:

Finally.. a place I can curl up and nap the day away without the sun getting in my eyes! This pillow cushion was ripped, and made a perfect little nest for me.. until the human found me and spoiled my hiding place!

Back to the grind..

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