Sunday, August 26, 2007

My new favorite website.
Meme Cats

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Warrior Kitty

Recently, a black bear wandered into a backyard in West Milford, New Jerse and was confronted by a 15-pound (7-kilogram) tabby cat … and then promptly fled up a neighbor's tree. Hissing at the base of the tree, Jack the clawless cat kept the bear at bay for about 15 minutes, then ran him up another tree after an attempted escape.

Finally, Jack's owner called the cat inside, and the bear disappeared back into the woods.

Full-grown black bears weigh between 200 and 600 pounds (90 and 270 kilograms) and measure as much as 6 feet (1.8 meters) long. Their diets can include fruits, honey, insects, acorns and animals as big as moose calves—a fact apparently lost on Jack.

Well, the bear hasn't met me yet either! Unlike Jack the Cat, I would lull him into a false sense of security and then pounce!