Friday, December 14, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Hello all my faithful readers,

Not many of your know it, but Christmas in my most favorite time of year! The humans put up a whole big green (yum!) tree with all these cat toys on the branches.

Here I am, pretending not to be interested in the green thing since the human is paying attention to me.. but just wait until her back is turned! (Do you see all the cat toys??)

Here it looks like the humans caught me just as I was trying to infiltrate another green thing, filled with yet even more cat toys! I'm trying to act all nonchalant..

It's hours of fun! If that's not enough, they put many mysterious boxes, wrapped in paper and ribbon. I love ribbon.. and would eat it if my humans let me. They get very anxious when I try... I love the boxes too.. I sit on them when they're all wrapped up, but they get better since the humans eventually open them and just leave them lying around! So many boxes to get into.. so little time!!!

Did I mention they put green things out everywhere? The whole house is draped with things to eat for me. And I do, even though it's all plastic... This green thing was real though.. so delicious! Imagine my excitement!

If that wasn't enough, the humans give me new toys filled with catnip.. perhaps not the smartest idea on their part. But hey, who am I to complain?

And that is why this is the most wonderful time of year.. Wising everyone a very, Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. And remember.. a Merry Christmas for a cat looks like this:

A Merry Christmas for a cat does NOT look like this:


Anonymous said...

Hey Anya,

Tell your mom that I'll bring over the cat sized reindeer antlers she wanted :)

Michael said...

lol that was awesome :)