Saturday, September 1, 2007

Update from Tub

A brief update on my life. Why from the tub? Because that's my favorite hang out.. of course!

The humans have been feeding me the fish cat food lately. It's been good. I love it when it's extra stinky!

I got some new toy mice. I know the humans have bought me about 50 of those things.. but who knows where they go? Oh wait, I do! Half of them are under the couch and the other half I've stuck in my secret hiding place. A place that I will not divulge here, in case the humans read my blog.

The cat grass has been pretty consistent over the summer. Too bad I keep eating it until it dies. What can I say? It's a dependency.

Another, rather disturbing note. I just looked up "Anya" on google images. Who are these naked women.. and why do they have my name??

And the humans haven't put me in the cat hotel again.. yet. Though I see some sort of "count-down" timer on the female-food-giver and lap-owner's blog. 42 days and counting down.. This is not a good sign. I'll initiate Operation Insert-Self-In-Suitcase-And-Every-Other-Open-Bag tomorrow! Tomorrow and every day! It's my favorite plan..

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