Friday, April 20, 2007


Pretty slow day today. Interrupted but slow. I was trying to get some sleep when all heck broke loose on the roof above us. Some workers up there doing something. Whatever it was it was loud as heck. I know that all I really do is sleep but still very inconvenient!

I think something is up. Michael just got back from some kind of trip and poof first thing he does is get on the internet and connect to Holly's Pride (my vacation condo for when they go to a nicer condo). I don't know what is going on but I suspect there is a trip about to happen and I'm going to be one very upset purrson!

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Chrysanthia said...

You bet, Anya! You're off to your favorite spa in exactly 16 days!

Did you know that Meow Down is on the urban dictionary?

And I quote:
Meow Down: Verbal confrontation between two or more women. Like a verbal Cat Fight!

"Mary and Dee had a huge meow-down when Mary caught Dee flirting up her man."


"Anya had a huge meow-down when she caught Michael trying to steal her grass!"