Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yawn .. A Lazy Sunday

It's a pretty lazy Sunday around here. My one roomie (Michael) is procrastinating a bit before he gets down to some paperwork. He is a psychoeducational consultant (whatever that means). He used to be a clinical consultant (not sure what that means either) but it did make him travel a LOT. I used to try to sneak in his luggage to go on some glorious trips but he always figured it out. My other roomie (Esther - Michael's wife.. yes I live with married people.. is that weird?) is here sleeping after a night shift (she's a nurse). I may crawl in with her later to catch some daytime Zzzz's.

Yah that probably sounds a lil weird. But I lived with them before they got married and they seemed to just have kept me around. I'm not complaining. They are "usually" good roommates. They get out a lot more than I do. I'm more of a home-body and into the ol' routine .. same kind of place .. same kind of meals.. yah know all that.

Kinda low on food around here .. all I have left is meat products.. don't get me wrong I'm not vegetarian but I do like a bit of greens here or there. I'm going to snoop around a bit later to see what I can find.

Well I'm off.. there has to be a keyboard to sit on somewhere.

Ahh how cute is this!

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